The Show Up: a creative livestream for artists and their fans

Inspired by this very virtual (and very weird) new normal, The Show Up is a new livestream series for creators to connect with each other and their fans. With a different theme each week, The Show Up is a perfect opportunity for us to share some of the incredible things this community makes.

Everyone is welcome to watch and join in. Subscribe to our YouTube page where we’ll be streaming live and can be notified for updates.

Want to be featured?

Apply to participate in upcoming shows by filling out the form below. If we have a theme that fits your work, we’ll reach out to coordinate. Reply below if you have an idea for future themes too! Apply here:

Upcoming Shows

FRIDAY, MAY 15TH | 10 - 11AM PDT
The Sew Cool Edition

“Learning anything lately?” is the pandemic’s version of “how are you?” and we get it — trying new things is a powerful way to feel focused and in control during tricky times. Join DIY artists, makers, and cosplayers as they take you through a series of crafty tutorials.
FEATURING: Ginny Di, Muggle Magic, Embroidery Art by Nat, and The Last Homely House

FRIDAY, MAY 22ND | 10 - 11AM PDT
The Brain Food Edition

They say curiosity killed the cat, but unless it’s Schrödinger’s, we say F that. Put on your thinking cap and join us for the Brain Food Edition of the Show Up, where we’ll be connecting with creators who take curiosity and a passion for learning to the next level.

The All About Music Edition

We’re back for our monthly All About Music showcase. If the last edition is any indication, get ready for some behind-the-scenes footage, unreleased tracks, witty banter, and the occasional demo of exotic instruments.

Theme: TBC


I’m trying to sign up but it will not allow state and country to be entered. This looks like a really fun idea.

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The Show Up | Lolz Edition is unavailable and has this label: “This video contains content from bbc, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

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Hey @Th_Mole! Yes, we’re aware - one of our comedians had a show reel that we played as an introduction and did contain a clip from a standup show that was on the BBC. We’re removing that clip and reuploading it :slight_smile: Thanks for your interest in the Show Up!

Edit: it’s now up!

@angelafineart I am so sorry I missed this! Were you able to get it resolved? If not, please send me DM!