The UI for posting content is ridiculous

I want to make a new post. There are three prominent buttons on the main page. Which of them to do I press to post content? The text-box button? The pencil button? The gears button?

The correct answer is: None of them! The correct way to post content on this content-posting website is buried deep down in the menu options! This seems just absolutely insane to me. I am constantly clicking the wrong button, then clicking some other wrong button, before I remember the correct way to do this. Which, yeah, maybe I’m an idiot who should have this down by now, but it seems like this could all be a billion times more intuitive.


Hi @ToddInTheShadows, welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining and making this post. This feedback makes total sense. It’s actually something we’re actively working on at the moment so we hope you’ll be pleased when the changes roll out soon. We’ll keep this in mind too as we continue to make improvements to Patreon.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Exciting news! We updated this button so that you can make a new post, instead of edit page. Enjoy :slight_smile:



Less clicks = Always a win for me, thank you for this fix! :slight_smile:

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