The url/link editor in posts

Hi there~ Just had a little feedback of the updated link editor in posts. Could we please have the auto-select of text when we first open the box back? I assume this is a minor thing for most people, but as a comic artist who posts sequential works and links them together via this tool, it’s affecting my experience a lot.

I don’t know if it will matter, but I’m on the desktop site, using Chrome on a Mac.

Previously, when clicking the little link icon to add a link to text, the window would pop up, the text box would already be active, and the little prefilled “http://” would be auto selected, meaning I could just ctrl+v my url and hit confirm. A month or so back, the auto select stopped happening, which lead to me having to ctrl+a then ctrl+v, since the little http:// was still there, just not selected; just pasting would double the http at the beginning and make the link unusable. Now, the editor has updated again, but the text box is no longer automatically active, meaning I have to manually click the box, then ctrl+a (on existing links, it seems like the prefilled text has been removed on new links, which I appreciate), then ctrl+v. I update my comics a few times a week, and each update means I have to edit two links on the current and previous pages, so this is just adding new work for me. This would be super easily fixed by just autoselecting the text in that box when it pops up. I can’t see the benefit of not having that. I’m hoping this is just a bug and was maybe going to be fixed eventually anyway, but I wanted to say something just in case it wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

Also, there is another strange inconsistent problem I’m having where if I edit a link in a post that’s already been posted, it won’t always actually update to the new url once I’ve re-saved the post. I have to delete the previous url entirely and close the link editor, then reselect the text I want linked and open the link editor again. But this doesn’t always happen, so I’m not even sure where to start troubleshooting it.

Again, I know these are minor things, but I figured there was no harm in putting it out there :slight_smile: Thanks!