Think back to when you first started: What most frustrated you about starting out on Patreon?

It’s certainly not their job to ensure anyone’s growth.
But, is it so much to ask for an actual search function to help build a community within the site itself?
I don’t think I’m asking for a lot here.

I personally would like a search function, so I am able to find creators within the platform itself to help support. I can’t do that. That’s all I’m asking, and I don’t think it’s a whole lot to ask of a website that by all rights, should have at least some sort of navigable search.

What is essentially a crowdfunding site has no way to discover new and exciting projects. I find that weird. Maybe it’s just me…but the entire point of CROWD-funding, is to build a support network ie. crowd, that is interested in the projects brought to this specific site.

It’s essentially crowdfunding. But, oh one thing, bring your own crowd.
I feel like the only one that finds this odd.

I also would like to support creators that aren’t the most popular, nor making the most money. I want to support the newcomers, and creators making a little. And right now, there is absolutely no way for me to find those creators due to the lack of a navigable search function on the site.

It’s about building a support network with your peers. I want Patreon to assist in fostering that kind of network because it simply makes sense to do-so.

Actually the search (as in who they show first too), used to be one big page (once you had chosen projects to go to) of thumbnails last year when I ran my KS early in the year, but this year they only show a handful and it takes a few clicks to get to that same page. I saw a huge difference in traffic from KS itself this year compared to last and that’s both times having a ‘projects we love’ on my books. It makes a big difference. The real test will be next year and a third KS to see if it’s the same again.

I agree that things start rolling once you get above a certain amount but having lost $109 in income this month alone after having a full year of growth steadily, I’m not so sure now!

SoberDwarf, yeah you are right, it is just a tool - but I do think it would be good for them to improve searching, just as Kickstarter has as part of its page. You are right though, why shouldn’t they pay for advertising I guess. For me Kickstarter has brought me a handful of patrons (relatively small amount though) and facebook is the highest and then instagram next. I’ve finally gone past 10k followers on instagram now so ti means I can use the swipe up link function in my stories which is really useful if i’m promoting a print for sale or something. Took me bloody ages to get there though!

This! :smile: I’ve been doing my job forever (it seems) but I’m new to creating even small videos. I’d like to say it’s been easy, but alas, it’s rather like pulling teeth at first. I’m not an extrovert either so yes it’s terrifying. I never edit my videos because I hate to look and listen to myself.

It is exhausting because it takes time, time that could be spent doing the craft you’re on Patreon for in the first place. Exhausting and time consuming because it takes hours to upload videos to youtube from where you get the link to put into your Patreon post (unless all those previously mentioned millions of hours I spent learning how to do it was all wrong and videos can be done directly?)

Oh and the time it takes to plan the thing… :upside_down_face:

So all that said, the few I’ve done really seemed to attract viewers. There are those that mention it isn’t a necessity so you might be okay with not doing them at all, but for some odd reason, having at least a couple of videos and then posting every where that you have them does seem to get a bit of attention.

I only have ten patrons, so you know, maybe I’m talking through my hat, but in this day and age of always being one in an immense crowd, it seems to help to get attention in multiple ways. Good luck to you, @ecstaticartist!

Thank you, Ingrid :slight_smile:

That’s a good point about posting where you’ll pick up traffic.

I’ve had some success with blogging. Just text, no video.

And this was before Patreon existed. You helped me remember this.

But you have to be a little on the clickbaity side, and I haven’t figured out if that’s an okay thing or not.

Good luck to you as well!


Thanks, Mindy. Those links are actually very helpful.

One of the issues I’ve had is I jumped in headfirst assuming the vision I had in my mind would just appear on the computer screen. So I rushed into things and tried to figure it out as I went.

It’s been helpful to take a step back and re-evaluate my strategies and goals. I’m putting together a new and improved game plan with Patreon U.

I like checklists. I think I remember seeing a few of those in the emails. They make it easier to organize and strategize.

Something that’s really great and nice about first getting started on Patreon is how helpful accessible the staff are.


Yay! That’s great to hear :slight_smile: So happy to hear that Patreon U has been helpful, what plan are you making?

We found that creators often launch a Patreon page without spending time planning the tiers, rewards, and how to talk about it so we wanted to provide some information that covers all those questions. We’re also thinking about what changes we can make on the actual website to bring that info to you when you need it. Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts I can help you with.

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I have to say:

“We don’t want to be a content curator / search engine, we want to focus on what we DO do, which is payment!” falls really forking flat when you guys turn around and push us to deliver goods or develop “Patreon U”.

Make a robust search engine, this ol chestnut. Come ON.

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Hi there! I’d like to understand a bit more about your comment. I think you’re saying that because we’re (Patreon) asking creators to do “more” (deliver goods/merch, or via Patreon U, learn how to promote or grow one’s business), there should be a robust search engine that helps people find creators. Maybe to help lighten or share the load? Is this accurate? Full disclosure: I lead the content marketing team so the blog/Patreon U are in my purview. :slight_smile: I want to help and relay your ideas properly; I’m here to listen and learn. :slight_smile:

Sure, thanks for tagging in.

I think that telling us that you guys do not want to be a search engine agent doesn’t work as an excuse not to build something imperative to the success of your middle & smaller classes when you are also developing ways to deliver goods, Patreon U, etc. Declaring you want to focus on what you’re good at (payment processing) is invalidated by the focus on all the other things.

Here’s the blunt fact: not having a decent ability to search creators, find like creators, and dive deeper into the Patreon ecosystem hurts your business model too. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you don’t want EXISTING CONSUMERS to consume more of your product. They are already invested in your infrastructure, why not pull them in further? It’s the same confusion I have re: our inability to tag warm leads in our followers. Why on earth can’t we contact people who already like us? Why on earth can’t people who are already using Patreon’s website search & find more people to spend money on?

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Thank you so much for taking the time to go deeper on this with me. I know many creators (and patrons) wonder about discoverability; I don’t have any answers for you today, but I really appreciate your feedback. I’ll share your thoughts with the product and other stakeholders. :slight_smile:

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Because you can charge more for discoverability.
That’s why it’s not implemented yet it seems -Patron is figuring out a way monetize it.

This is the only.reason I can think of that would make any sense, and based on the recent poll I did, this is indeed the plan.

PR-speak nor not, it’s becoming more and more obvious this is what’s in store for creators looking for greater discoverability within Patreon itself.

I’ve been barking up this tree for 2 years now and it’s always the same PR-friendly non-answer.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting for Patreon to start pulling rugs out from under us for a few months now too, probably based on the same data you have.

It’s essentially crowdfunding. But, oh one thing, bring your own crowd.

I don’t think this is an unusual approach on Patreon’s part. It’s like a fan club platform; they make it easier for us to gather membership fees from our fans.

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