This is true or false?

After the massive amount of declined pledges on this month, it is perfect time for some malicious people to create false rumors, many people have been sending me this ‘‘screenshot’’ but none of them know the source, so to leave them calm, I would like to know or that some mod tell me if this is true or false.

Sounds false. I used paypal to pledge to a NSFW creator just the other week, and things look fine on his end.

I do know that Paypal won’t support sex work in any form which includes nude content. I don’t know if they are looking at each creator before they allow payment to process but it could be something like that. I don’t have any concert information relating to Patreon though.

hi @Sify! this is untrue, you can support NSFW accounts using PayPal.


This is definitely false; irritatingly, the top half of the post (before the “So apparently this is happening” portion) is actually an old post of mine on Tumblr, and at the time I posted it, it was accurate… back in early 2015.

I had long since forgotten about the post because it’s been years, but for some bizarre reason in the last month or two, people started reblogging it like wildfire so I’ve deleted the original post and put out a notice to everyone that in fact, this is ancient news and PayPal has been fine for NSFW projects for years on Patreon.

When I originally posted it, I didn’t mean any malice or anything of the sort towards Patreon, of course; I posted it because people were in fact swarming me and most other NSFW creators with posts wondering why their pledges had been declined, and at the time, Patreon had put out a notice that PayPal wasn’t allowed for NSFW stuff, so I forwarded that to everyone I knew with the intent of getting people to switch to credit cards to allow their pledges through.

So apologies to Patreon for unintentionally being the case of this springing up now, but yeah, I deleted the original post and tried to get out the word that this is false and has been false for a long, long time.

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