Three points in the Patron Manager

I’m going through my patron relationship manager right now to send out rewards, and three points of feedback came up:

  • It would be really handy if I could click on an active patron to see their site profile. I know I can do that from a different part of the site but it would just take too long to hunt that down while I’m in the middle of working out rewards.

  • I love the Additional Details box, but it’s WAY too easy to enter some information in it and then move to another patron without pressing “update” (which should really say Save, a much more intuitive description of what this does) , and lose that info. Please add a little prompt that says "save your changes before clicking away!"
    An option to resize this tiny box would also be very welcome.

  • This is very strange: I tried sending a message to all my active patrons and it said that 2 cannot be messaged right now. The explanation page says I can message basically everyone except followers who never pledged to me. But I am specifically selecting my current, active patrons, and only 1 of them was declined so that’s not it either. What could be the reason?



hey @joumana! thanks for the thread, I’m tagging in @buster so he can take a look at this.


Great feedback.

Point #1: I can totally see that. What part of their site profile are you looking for when you do this? Other creators they pledge to? Whether they are a creator themselves? Something else?

Point #2: Good call. I’ll pass this on to the team that could fix this.

Point #3: Good question. I’ll dig into this and let you know what I find.


Thanks @buster! Regarding point 1, there are patrons I don’t know very well, and since I’m preparing goodies to send them, I wanted to see if their profile could give me some insight as to their tastes. The page I expected is the one that shows the other creators they pledge to, since non-creator patrons don’t usually have a personal blurb on their profile (this is the page that comes up when someone comments on a post and you click on their name). Even if they were a creator, that’s the page I would be looking for in this particular context – what they like, as opposed to what they make.