I received an email from a startup, throne.live, that advises that it “is the future of chat and built from the ground up for Patreon creators.” A google search for more info and reviews turns up nothing. The site itself advises it’s free, no ads. @mindy are you familiar with this platform? Is it sanctioned by Patreon? Seems like it could be value-added for my patrons but wondering how they make money?

also curious. i just clicked on that email.

@casey I just checked their FAQ and found this:

If there aren’t ads, how does Throne make money?

We charge a percentage fee of user tips: twenty-nine percent of the total tip (with a minimum fee of fifty cents). This fee enables us to power Throne without ads or other privacy-destroying business models.

Sounds like there’s a flood of sites with the same agenda to respect privacy while providing an internet platform, but none of them have managed to pull ahead and gain wide spread use yet.

Since the biggest feature of any social media service is the network effects of many people talking to each other through it, and no one has that when they start up, you take your chances with a “no-name” brand.

Direct link to their FAQ:


Looks like a nice and reasonable concept. But as Th_Mole said already said: it will be a matter of reaching a critical mass of users. No point in joining it as creator, when you can’t get an audience there.
I had to roll my eyes at this advertising claim “ reinvented chat for the 21st century with threaded conversations”. That’s called a forum guys. :wink:

When I saw it the first thought for me was that the real-time chat feature may be a nice perk for certain tiers within my Patreon group. I already use Crowdcast for live streams but a chat session may value-added as well. My concern is really just whether this seems like a legit platform and that they through the Patreon brand around pretty freely.

Thanks for making the post, @casey! I’ve forwarded this thread and the info to our partnerships team so they can take a look. We recently launched partnerships with Reddit, Discord, and Discourse (this very forum software) to make it easier for creators get closer with their patrons and community, and are always looking for other options. We’ll take a look!

If anyone ends up using it, I’d love to hear your feedback! 29% fee plus a minimum of 50c seems like it might end up taking a large chunk of your revenue but I would love to hear how it performs compared to the other options out there.

Since I would be using this as a value-added perk for existing patrons, I wouldn’t be expecting donations, so any fees they retain would be a moot point for me. I’m more wondering if this is a legitimate platform.

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Hard to say. Not even their legal pages list a company name, address or the names of any individuals. I did a domain whois and the domain owner is also hidden.


@TypographyGuru Thanks for that info. That’s enough for me to take a pass. Perhaps someone trying to parlay the Patreon name but without any real foundation.