Thumbnail View Poofed?

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Patreon announce and release a new and wonderful thumbnail/gallery mode for viewing a creators posts? I know a saw the email and even viewed the option itself on a creators page which I thought was beautiful and a great way to see posts since the current format kind of sucks if you want browse through a whole punch of posted images at once instead of having to scroll through the long list of images separated by the titles and descriptions and then it looping down into infinity.

What happened to it? Was it a limited release and they’ve pulled it back because people didn’t like it or something?

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As far as i know, it’s still in a limited release beta sort of deal right now and not everyone has access to it. It is entirely possible it could have been “turned off” for some fixes and alterations since its a beta product.

But i could tooootally be wrong. Maybe the staff here may have more accurate answers.

Yeah, it must have been turned off because I had it for a brief time and now I don’t. It’s so much prettier than the eternal scrolling so I sincerely hope they bring this thing back.

Right? I thought it looked so much nicer than the tumblr scroll and easier to browse through the actual content instead of a lot of gaps interrupted by content.

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