Tier change

Hi everyone,

I host a language learning podcast. Mostly I am creating audios, video lessons and transcripts for listeners.

I am planning to rework the tiers in Patreon, moving a few of the reward that I am providing to $5 tier to the 10 tier. But I want my current patrons at 5 tier still have the same access as they were promised when they signed up .

My questions are:

  1. How can I make the tier change only apply to new patrons not the current patrons ?

  2. Under the same post, how can I include one attachment for tier 1 and the other for tier 2 ?

Love to hear what you think.

Thank you so much, everyone.

_ Simon

#1) you can ‘unpublish’ a tier which allows current subscribers to stay at that level but it’s not available to new patrons.

Info here

#2) Can’t help you on this one. If you don’t get an answer here you can try the Patreon Discord


Thank you so much. Joel.

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The tricky thing here is that when “revamping” as they call it here to reworking the tiers, all you published posts need to include the new tier you have created for future patrons I guess, right? And depending on the amount of posts it takes quite some time…
Regarding the second question, I believe that’s not possible.

Thank you.