Tier payment feature request

If I may be so bold as to add a feature request as to how tiers work… Would be nice if instead of forcing Patrons in to per-creation or month… if I as a creator could set a tier with multiple payment options.

For example, if I had 3 tiers I could set it up something like this:

  • Low tier - $1/creation or $5/mo or $50/yr
  • Medium tier - $2.50/creation or $10/mo or $100/yr
  • High tier - $5.00/creation or $20/mo or $200/yr

I as a creator would dictate how each tier would lay out. By allowing multiple payment options, I can make it easier for people who want to support our shows to contribute in a way that makes sense for them.

And while I’m on the tier topic, being able to add people to a tier for free would be awesome too. I have a small crew of people who work on the show and the only way for them to see what I post in each tier is for them to pay to become members. That’s sorta messed up from a logistics standpoint. Or maybe I have someone who did something amazing for the community and I want to grant them access to my highest tier for 3 months for free as a reward. Something that helps get people engaged and excited.

And last item on the tiers topics… For me at least a lot of people contribute to our show with their time and talents. This is just as important and valuable to me as money. It would be great if I had the ability to somehow create non-monetary ways for someone to get to a tier. Tweet 50x affiliate links and get the low tier for a month (or something less crappy than a spammy solution). I would love to reward those who are passionate about the show and wand to help. Today I can’t use Patreon to reward these people and must do it off-platform. Seems like a lost opportunity to me.