Tier Selection Option (NEEDED) (URGENT)


So recently I decided to raise prices on my patreon due to the demand that I have seen. The way I was able to do this without removing current tiers is by creating new tiers and unpublishing the old ones but leaving them present. This allowed everyone to be “grandfathered” into their tier and for all future subscriptions to be set on their own parameters.

Now I am facing an issue because there is no option to SELECT specific tiers to release content to. I think this would be an easy integration instead of having a 10$+ 100$+ type of selection, actually have a check list to choose who can see what. Right now if I release content to my 100$+ tiers but now the price of a lower tier is $197 then I am giving content to the wrong tier becuase of no option to select them.

Please fix this ASAP as it would help TREMENDOUSLY instead of going to another platform which I would not want to do becuase there is literally no way around it right now on here.

Thank you.