Tier structure for multiple contributors?

Hey friends! I’ve grown a really great following using my Personal name on my Patreon page so far. About 1,200 people. I really want to open things up to more contributors beyond just me and make more of an umbrella brand that’s not my name. Does anyone have a Patreon creator that has a good implementation of tiers structured to account for more than one content creator posting to the same feed? I would want to pay a creator relative to how often they post AND based on how many patrons are there for them.

Maybe I’m over complicating, but I would love to simply see or hear any recommendations about the business model of Patreon revenue being split between multiple contributors.


Hey @iamthesam,

Thanks for the post! I did a little digging around and I cannot find a single page that has the setup you’re describing. I’m not admitting defeat just yet, but I didn’t want you to think I’d not seen this. I think it’s a really great idea so you may have to be the trailblazer here :smiley:

Would it be a different creator of the month? Just thinking you could have a tier that is just that and allow them to do a monthly takeover, a bit like what happens on Instagram?

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I don’t have a strong example for multiple creators but I do know some (and have some experience myself) doing multiple separate projects under a single Patreon page. In my experience, it’s a bit challenging to balance depending on how different the projects involved are; however, it’s not impossible!

@simrell has a combination of both cosplay and art through her Patreon. She does a great balance of both in my opinion and may be a great Patreon Creator to refer to at least as far as separating tiers go.

Use of the tagging system on Patreon is really helpful for this. Additionally, like Simrell, it may be worth including hybrid tiers in addition to specific tiers (i.e., Simrell makes great utility of this with art, cosplay, art/cosplay tiers.)

TLDR this route is going to be complicated regardless of the approach so treat multiple creators like multiple projects and make use of tiers to help track and separate rewards for each creator. Tag categories are your friend to help organize content for patrons, especially at 1,200+ so far! Maybe Simrell will hop in here and throw her two cents as well, she’s absolutely fantastic at this kind of stuff. :slight_smile:


I like that idea! Keep me posted, and I’ll update here whenever I get a plan figured out :slight_smile:


Hi Sam! This is a great question.

Once you have multiple people involved on a project, I would recommend treating your Patreon more like a business rather than a “person making things” (the default structure of Patreon). If you’re looking to have multiple people posting to the same Patreon, the easiest way to accommodate this would be to have the funds deposited into a business bank account that contributors are paid from. So:

Patreon -> business bank account -> creators.

This gives you more control and flexibility as to how to distribute your money.

Hopefully this helps! If you want to chat further, you can send me an e-mail via https://remotelyinteresting.work/. I coach online creatives on business-y topics.

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hey i just saw this! thank you, i’m glad my combo model looks good from the outside too :smiley:

if you have any questions about how i chose to separate (and also combine) my content, i’d be happy to lend advice from my own experience. i’m not more than one content creator but i am creating more than one type of content. lucky for me, cosplay and art often overlap. for example, i’ll draw a cute sticker version of my own original costumes. or i’ll design a costume for myself based on an already existing character. that way i can share the same work for those of my patrons who like both aspects of my content. but of course i have tiers for people who ONLY want art and ONLY want cosplay because sometimes there’s fans that come from different platforms that didn’t even know i made anything else haha.

i could only do this tier structure once patreon included the feature to select certain tiers for certain posts. that’s what made my idea possible in the first place.


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