Tiers published on save, noo!

I’m revising my tiers, and I want to make sure they look correct before I go live with them all at the same time.

The problem is that tiers are published immediately as soon as I save them, and I have to quickly unpublish them. Is that deliberate?

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Yes–Would love to have a “preview” option.

What exactly is it that you want to “preview” though? What would you consider correct and not correct to use your words? You just edit a text box, which is already in a WYSIWYG mode – so the final display of it is already visible while you add the text. And then optionally an image is added to it. That’s it.
I’m not against it, but I am unsure what the specific benefit of a preview feature would be.

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@TypographyGuru the WYSIWYG mode doesn’t show what’s going to be obscured by ‘See More’.

But in any case, all I wanted was to be able to create four tiers, then review them together, without them being visible to people.

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I agree that it would be nice to preview the tiers together on the page without bring public.

(Also, what you see is not always 100% what you get on tiers or in the about section of patreon. It’s mostly right but not always. I still notice some styling gets altered after saving. So. I don’t know. )