TikTok - my best friend or worst enemy?

So I’ve seen a lot of things about tiktok and reels on instagram apparently being the key to “blowing up” small businesses and entrepreneurs and stuff nowadays, but is this true? Is there really no other way to gain a larger social media following? I personally am super awkward in front of a live camera and even though you record and edit on TikTok, I just feel like I’ll look like an absolute idiot. I know it’s a relatively new platform and the demographic is quite broad on it but is there really no other alternative?

Is there anyone who uses it and has seen drastic results? On the contrary, is there someone that got popular without it? Please let me know x

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using a new and bustling social media platform is in general a good idea for growing your audience. i’ve been slowly posting on there and have gained 10k followers over a few months, so overall, worth it.

my recommendation would be to try out just browsing around to see what other small businesses are doing to promote themselves. there are plenty that i see on my page that never show their face or speak in front of the camera at all. you really can get away with showing off the product or the process behind creating the product.

good luck!

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Thanks so much for the advice!
I posted a manuscript glow up a few days ago and got 5k views! It seems to be the frontier of marketing, so you’re definitely ahead of the curve there. It’s very demanding to post every day for optimum engagement though, and I’m finding it exhausting to find new ideas and record them so often. Have you got a method that works?

TikTok is great for visibility, but the audience is much younger, which means they have no disposable income and are way less likely to become a Patreon supporter.

So do it for the views, but not the money. TikTok most likely will not affect your Patreon income.

Hi @MaryAnne I actually used to work at TikTok and now i’m a partner manager at Patreon… actually has a mixed audience of older and younger users and hey have categories for every type of person (my feed consists of financial, travel, stocks, relationship, therapy TikToks etc). I have seen many Patreon creators, who are big on TikTok, gain an audience. Specifically a lot of career creators who have viral videos on their tips on how to secure a job, grow a financial portfolio, travel etc. If you leverage the platform right, you can grow your other platforms, gain a big enough audience for brands to reach out to you and convert your audience into Patrons. It’s definitely your best friend and can open the door to so many opportunities.

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