Tip: If you don't feel comfortable constantly promoting your Patreon on Social Media, do a once per month thank you & summary social media post

Hi thanks for the invitation to the forums, here is my tip.

It’s often said that constantly promoting your Patreon is the best way to have more patrons, but not everyone feels comfortable about doing that, especially if being a full-time Patreon creator is not your endgame goal!

A nice balance I’ve found is by doing a monthly thank you post that explains what this month’s patron funds are going towards. This way, anyone who wants to also jump in next month can, but it’s also not directly asking anyone to.

For my example, every month I send out physical mail, and I use the artwork on it as my “thank you” image each month on social media. And since it also has art of its own, it’s practically content of itself!

Something else small I did was have a page on my own website, swtorista.com/patreon redirect to my Patreon page. That way players who are already familiar with my site will see a familiar type of link to click.


These are so great! We’ve been talking a lot about how creators can share information about their Patreon without just saying “come join me.” This is a good way to do that.

@kholt – this is so nice!


This is a great idea and I have been doing similar as constantly badgering your fans on social media can turn them off. Newsworthy or interesting updates, especially those thanking patrons and briefing them how the funds are used is my preference.


yeah, tbh as an drawing artist [visual kind] i dont really like to mark my work with watermarks on where to find me, but in this category is a must.

i do have some with patreon watermark but also i dont really censor anything with logos , i give them a full work and then more if they are interested in pledging, and of course from time after, i let these private works be public.
[and that sorta made me have more patreons with hella big income, over the 10 usd top each >///< ]

personallyi feel like i should not take money still, but is nothing free , and i must accept that i am a decent artist, at least, i am practicing more, wanna improve to make my work worth being seen :3

[sorry if i was just blabbling there >///< ]

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Hi Henkei,
I am lucky I am not an artist, so watermarking my work is not something I have to deal with.
But for you a good option for your “thank you” social media post might be a quick sketch, and instead of putting a watermark put a text message overlaying the art! Ex “Thank you for all your support for and for me art! - your name” if you make the text partially transparent and overlaying the art it will be as good as your copymark! :slight_smile:

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oh thanks~!

i had done that sorta things, but as direct sketch, i sorta have that covered on my tiers,
all who is pledging can ask for a request, but dunno if it might be a direct thing to do, at least i can have a pool or
in my server on discord [that is not public , yet] but well, is a good way to say “thank you!”

thanks again for the tip~ :heart:

Yes. That is exactly what I do. Any of my patreons who are on facebook I link to them.
I also put it up on my website.

Here is my promotion.


Nice! A good idea and very well done. Thanks for sharing!