To Hide # of Patrons or Not To?

Like @lisavollrath and @rebecca , I display the number of patrons, but not the earning amount. I’m just not comfortable displaying my earnings, but I do believe it’s important to show at least one of these numbers. I’m still working on getting out of the perception of the ‘completely new’ stage that @CarbonWatchdog mentioned (I’m not ‘new’ new, just new to Patreon :woman_shrugging:t2:), but I’m not letting that discourage me from continuing to try and grow my following.

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Hey there! Ha, the avatar conversations are so real!!!

I’m really glad to have been helpful. I think that’s a great way to look at it… I’m not a big “law of attraction” person, but I do think it makes sense to aim to satisfy the customers you want to have rather than working to please customers whose values aren’t aligned with yours (ie grumpy jerks :joy:).

Not sure why my links didn’t come up, but you can find me out there at or on my website at

Lovely to connect with you, really wish you all the best!

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@johnoberg I didn’t even think about non-profits, and yes, they experience what I experience - this notion that advocacy work should be done selflessly (which means without pay).

@rebecca like you, I’ve found that my patrons are very excited when my numbers grow. I think they like knowing that they’re part of something that others really want to be part of too. So, I keep my patron numbers visible (for now).

And thanks, also, for the reminder, Becca, that we should pick the strategy that we’re most comfortable with.

And @jaydee your donation page is EPIC! I just love it. I have quite a few people who donate through PayPal, and I’d love to give my PayPal people access to the Discord forum as a thank you. I’m having my tech person synch that up, but your donation page is just awesome and I can see myself modelling such a page for my own use (without copying of course). Thank you for sharing.

Glad you liked it. You’re welcome to use the page however you wish - copy, use it as inspiration, as a template, whatever. Happy to help out a fellow Ontarian.

Would love to see what you come up with.

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I shall share my Become a Patron page once it’s up. Thx @jaydee! I’m happy to be helped by a fellow Ontario :smiley:

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Sometimes I wonder if this is why I can never build my audience after years. I don’t have literally any family or friends. So, people just assumed upon seeing I only had 2 followers that I must be lousy and no one will even give me a chance? Or am I just a lousy writer shrug