To Show Income on your page or just number of patrons?

I don’t know if this is the right section to share it in but my feeling is yes!

Which of you have hidden your income now that that is possible and who has stayed with showing income? When it first appeared I thought that it would be good to hide it as ‘why should anyone know my income’ right? I mean, we don’t tend to tell people what we earn in the day to day of life (well, I don’t anyway!).

I’ve been wondering though whether switching back to money goals might be more helpful for fans to see what it’s doing. For instance for me in future to get more video making equipment (at the moment all i have is my smartphone). I just think that a lot of people might be put off by seeing the amount I’m earning (which isn’t huge at the moment) and think ‘oh well she doesn’t need any more’ if I was doing well at some point.

What are your thoughts and what are the stats on these things? I’d love to know!

There’s already a thread about this: Hiding earnigns?
where myself and others have given detailed views.

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Thank you I’ll check it out!

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