Too many users only sign up for a month, download everything and disappear

I share guitar arrangements in PDFs and notice many Patrons who only sign up for the first month, download everything I have shared over the past years and then unsubscribe.

This is not good, how to fix it?

  • have the option of a higher amount for the first month only, for example 10 dollars for the first month and 3 dollars from the second.
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My solution to this problem is to move older material to an archive and make access contingent on being a patron for a few months at lower tiers (this is stated in the tier description).

I use because it’s fully encrypted end-to-end, and it’s impossible for them to scan your files the way Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive do.


My solution was to implement a parallel reward website via the API (it is a bit of a headache) and only use Patreon to collect the money.

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Another popular option I often see people use is Gumroad. You can also upcharge your content for non-patrons, then just give out a discount code for current patrons.


If you are a monthly creator, you can enable Charge Up Front billing method, which charges your new patrons on the first day they join your Patreon, thus if they pledge to view content, they are charged for it immediately. More information here:

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