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Patreon App Directory tools for Business Services

The last category in the App Directory, Business Services, covers all of the non-creative aspects of being a creative. From health insurance, to business formation and taxes, to access to capital, you have unique needs as an independent artist that need to be taken care of to flourish whether you are a business of one, or a burgeoning media production company.

We are excited to partner with Collective on a key part of that equation - company formation, taxes, accounting, and related services. Their company is purpose-built to focus on the needs of the “business-of-one” - in other words, Patreon creators like you. There’s a ton of money at stake - the average creator on Collective saved $16,800 in taxes in 2019.

There’s a ton of essential information for creators about this area, so we’re also jointly presenting a free workshop for creators with Collective - “S Corps: The Best Business Structure You’ve Never Heard Of” on Wed Feb 3 at 11a PST. Here’s a link to register for the workshop - we hope to see you there!

That’s a quick roundup of some of the resources we recommend for creators in the Patreon App Directory. What other services do you think we should add? We’re always looking for additional partners that share our vision for helping creators build sustainable businesses around their community and what they love to create.

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