Tools for Community Building

As a creator on Patreon, we want to make your creative business run smoothly and support you adding value to your patrons. That goal stretches beyond what you do on the Patreon website, so we have the Patreon App Directory featuring tools and services we recommend for creators like you.

We recently relaunched the page to make it more of a “marketplace” covering a wider range of resources for creators. It now has five categories that we’ll highlight over the course of this series:

  • Community Building
  • Content Delivery
  • Patron Interaction
  • Creative Services
  • Business Services

First up is Community Building, which is key to enhancing the ways that you can connect with your patrons, and they can connect with each other. Discord is a very popular tool to offer a chat “server” where your community can interact, including the ability to set up different “channels” that are exclusive just to patrons and even specific tiers.

For creators who want the structure of a forum-based way to interact with their community, we also recommend Discourse (This forum is hosted on Discourse). With both Discourse and Discord, you can use their integrations with Patreon so that your active patron list is synced to your community app to verify who should get access to which sections of the community.

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