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Patreon App Directory tools for Content Delivery

As a creator, you want to make sure that the art you are making is easily accessible for your patrons. You can find a range of options for different types of content in the Content Delivery category of the Patreon App Directory.

  • For podcasters, our new partnership with Acast makes it easier to deliver private podcast feeds to your patrons, with more security and analytics for you. Patrons have a streamlined process to subscribe to their feed in their preferred podcast player, increasing how many of your patrons are engaging with your show, and reducing support issues you have to address.
    – See all of our Acast tips and set up tricks: Acast - Patreon Community
    – Or watch Acast workshop: Workshop: Patron-only podcast feeds

  • For video creators, Vimeo is a great option for hosting your patron-only videos, reducing the security concerns that come with posting unlisted video links. You can include videos that are in your Vimeo library, or add the video directly on Patreon and have it sync to your Vimeo account. Some of Vimeo’s plans also include livestreaming functionality.

  • Speaking of livestreaming, Crowdcast is a dedicated service for livestreams that connects to Patreon to offer shows where your patrons can have exclusive or VIP access. You can schedule them in advance and let patrons know when they are coming up.
    – And if you have any livestreaming tips, share them here!

This thread seems a bit tone deaf given what’s been discussed both on other threads, but also here:

This sentence feels condescending. We’ve been explaining how all the current features you have don’t assist us in any way at all towards making things “easily accessible”.

I think I speak for a lot of us here where we’d really appreciate if you, or literally anyone who works here, would address these issues your customers are bringing up.


Hey @sambeawesome,

I deeply apologize that this content series has come off as tone deaf in lieu of recent discussions on the forum. In the thread linked above, we acknowledge that the Patreon platform has a lot of work that needs to be done. We realize the platform has pain points and wanted to use this series to shine a light on some helpful app integrations we have to make patron interaction, content delivery, community building, business and creative services more easily accessible for creators and patrons.

Jack as taken it upon himself to connect with the community to understand these pain points and share his insights and findings with our internal teams. I don’t have any updates to share but know we’re going over this feedback internally and working to improve our communication with the community.

We simply want to add a question to “Request Mailing Address” so that people can give us their Tshirt size when they register at our $20 tier.

Not seeing any way to do this–could you let us know where / how we can add a question to the tier for those new Patrons? Thanks!
Black & Tan Hall

Hi @Black_Tan_Hall, we have a handy help article that walks you through how to get your patrons mailing address! Hope this helps :slight_smile: