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There are lots of ways to take your creative business in new directions.

If you need help with a logo, graphic design, or the look of a new merch item, check out the 99designs marketplace for freelance design services.

Speaking of merch, we also have a partnership with Pietra, where you can design unique products that reflect your style in areas like makeup, fashion, candles, and jewelry. You can see the items to your entire community or have exclusive items or early access for patrons.

If you need help to take your video content into the podcasting space, want a video trailer for your Patreon page, or need video/photo content for a new project, check out StudioNow for a wide range of creative services.

For musicians that have visions for direct-to-fan projects, HIFI Labs is a great partner to support and develop these ideas. They help artists setup livestream production, conduct online experiential marketing, and overall develop these creative concepts.

Finally, we also offer a collaboration opportunity through Pop Domo to connect Patreon creators with artists to make high-end wall art and other merch. You work with an artist to create a design and offer early or discounted access to patrons; it can be a profit generator for you, and a share of the proceeds can go to a non-profit of your choice.

More from me tomorrow!

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