Tools for Patron Interaction

Patreon App Directory tools for Patron Interaction

Connecting with your patrons and acknowledging their contributions is an important step in creating a valuable membership experience for them. In addition to the tools you have for this on the Patreon website, the Patron Interaction category has a bunch of additional tools.

  • There’s nothing quite like the feeling patrons get from receiving an individualized video through Bonjoro. It integrates with Patreon so you can create video messages for each new pledge who joins your membership, or even when they increase or delete a pledge.

  • If you want to be proactive about converting your fans into paying members, you should be leveraging a social marketing platform like ToneDen. You can create marketing campaigns to bring together your touchpoints with your audience across all of your channels and drive them to your Patreon page.

  • And if you want powerful tools for customizing how you share content on your own website with patrons, you’ll want to use the Patreon integration with WordPress. You can set rules for which tiers can see different categories of content, and drive traffic from unlocked and locked content back to your Patreon page to convert more members.

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