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Hey podcasters! I’d love to hear what tools you currently use, love, or are interested in learning more about :smiley: Let’s utilize this great community to share knowledge and experience.

Don’t be shy, share below!


I personally currently use Logic Pro X, but I think I could use something better…


I use Logic Pro also. I tried learning Hindenburg, but I’m more comfortable in Logic.

I also have a Rodecaster Pro that I’ve been testing and love it.


welcome @ukuleleabe to the forum! thanks for joining and sharing your thoughts. Can you share more about what you love about Rodecaster Pro?

@natemaingard I’d love to hear what Logic Pro X is lacking that’s making you think of using something else.

OMG, I’d LOVE to have a Rodecaster Pro, @ukuleleabe! I have their Procaster micx, which I love, but are a bit soft on gain, so needing to boost them somehow.

@mindy, I just feel like Logic isn’t built for podcasting, no built-in templates. I don’t know why I want something else, haha, I think maybe I just like change too much :wink:. Saying that, I have built my own templates with Logic and I’m pretty swift with it now. Oh, there is another thing: I’m finally seriously considering moving to Windows from Apple. I just can’t handle how overpriced their macbook pros have become, with all the gimmicky touchbars, keyboard issues, etc!

Haha, don’t get me started :yum:

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Other tools I love:


@natemaingard it’s worth the money, imo. A lot of podcasters aren’t so impressed, but it’s made my job easier.

@mindy I love it because it makes phone call recordings very straightforward. It has buttons for sound effects like bumpers and background music. It has good built-in EQ for voice. It’s like the perfect equipment for a live podcast recording.

I could do more in Logic, with more equipment that costs less total than the Rodecaster, but I don’t want to go through all the hassle. At the moment I’m using the Rodecaster and importing to Logic for simple edits, like cutting out stumbling speech. I like the podcast to feel like a conversation, so I don’t cut out everything.


You should check out Chartable. I started using that more than MyPodcastReviews because it does that but also collects some other analytics.

Headliner is great!


Oh coool, I checked it out and loved it, thank you! Now have it all set up to track :grin:. Can see myself going pro account at some point, love their smartlinks feature!


I’m not sure if this would count as a tool, but in case any of you podcasters are in need of music - I have a music library that is Patreon funded (and mostly free to everyone) that might help in your podcast editing. If you need music, have a peek at or my Patreon.

Hopefully it can be a useful tool for someone!



I just started recording my podcasts this past weekend.

In terms of software, I am using Audacity to record my audio. I have someone who is doing the post-production work and distributing it via his website (online radio station).

As for hardware, I have a Microsoft USB headset that I am currently using. I had a really decent condenser mic, but multiple moves have made it to where that has now gone missing. That is actually the first thing I plan to get with Patreon funds once I am “making a profit” (read: once all my operational costs are covered each month).

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thanks for sharing @BingeWorthyPod! We recently shared an 8 part blog series to help folks just getting started with podcasting, if you wanted to check it out:

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Thanks for sharing! Fortunately, I was able to get things established for post-production and mixing. Now, it’s just a matter of getting episodes recorded in preparation to go live later this month!

Then, hopefully, the Patrons start rolling in!

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I use Ferrite to edit out after show on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.


thanks for sharing @appsbymw, and welcome to the forum!