"Top five reasons to become a patron"

The Special Offers Handbook suggests that we should reshare the “Top five reasons to become a patron,” but I can’t for the life of me figure out what this is! What am I missing??


Hi @michaelharren! This was a suggestion we had that we thought might be a fun thing for you to share with your fans. Meaning, share some of the great benefits they’ll be getting, the positive impact their membership will have on you and your art, etc. Just a fun and simple way to sum up what you see as the benefits to your patrons when they pledge.

Does that help clarify?


My list is a combination of things I like about supporting other Creators pages and things that I think are enjoyable about my page.

I wish I had been able to spend more time on mine, but in case it’s a helpful springboard for you, happy to share what I wrote…

I’m trying something fun - sending limited edition “Be Nice, Dammit!” lapel pins to everyone who joins my Patreon page at the $5 tier by September 30th!

Get in on it here :point_down:

I you made a list of 5 (Good!) Reasons to consider joining me on Patreon:

Community - Through the Patreon page, I’ve gotten to know a lot of you much better, and watched you get to know each other! I love it.

Early Access - Patrons get to hear what I’m working on way before the rest of the world! It’s a safe space to try out new ideas.

More Music - I post some songs (originals and covers) on Patreon that I never post anywhere else! I love that I’m able to give these little misfits a forever home on Patreon.

The Inside Scoop - On Patreon, I dive deep into where the songs come from and how they come together.

And More Music - Not only do my Patrons hear songs that I don’t post anywhere else, but my Patrons inspire me to write more, so there’s more of my music in the world PERIOD.

Case in point: in the past year, since starting my Patreon page, I’ve written twice as many songs as I did in the previous three years combined. For real.

So there you have it - 5 good reasons to join me on Patreon today! …and the lapel pins are just a bonus :wink:

Hope you can join us!


YES! Totally helps! thanks!!

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@rebecca thanks for sharing this!! You are such a helpful/inspiring member of this group. thank you! Where did you post your list?

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Okay, i just jotted this list down. I think I will make a post on my blog with this, and post it around on socials. i welcome your feedback about this, anyone who has it!

Five Good Reasons to Join Me On Patreon

Community- Patreon facilitates a direct exchange between creator and audience, both financial and energetic. This exchange has become a really important part of my creative process and deepens the connection between creator and audience so immensely. I love the opportunity to connect and converse with the people who most appreciate the work that I do, and it inspires all of us to do more and bigger things.

Exclusive bonus content- As a patron you get an exclusive bonus podcast to supplement each main podcast I release. I’m working on my second zine and accompanying piece of music that will only ever be seen and heard by patrons. $10+ patrons will get a signed, numbered, and hand bound copy of the zine mailed right to their door.

Co-creation - As a patron, you are a vital part of my work. Your belief in me and my work keeps me creating. Knowing that there is a audience of people on Patreon waiting for me to make new stuff really keeps me inspired to create more things to share with you. We are creating together.

Early Access - Patrons get to see and hear what I am working on while I am working on it. I post early sketches of songs and stories, rough cuts of videos, and other wanderings. You get to hear my latest podcasts before the rest of the world, and the same goes for my videos, books, albums, music, zines…. everything else I create goes to your eyes and ears before it goes anywhere else.

Supporter of the arts - It’s no secret that it can be a challenge to make a living as an artist. As a patron, you are allowing me to shift more of my time and attention toward creating new work. You are helping to fund things like the musicians, software, hardware, web hosting, and countless other expenses that are required to create my work.


I made this. I tried to mix serious with funny. I’m shit at graphic design but it got some engagement, haha


that looks great! Also: just subscribed to your podcast. looks great!


Michael! That’s a wonderful list!
I was crazy busy yesterday so I posted throughout the day when I could (I wrote the list on my phone the night before and then tweaked right before I posted).

The first post was on Instagram, which you can see here.

Instagram Story
I also posted an Instagram story using that selfie, but I covered up the writing in the picture and used it to plug the special offer. I’ll put screen shots below b/c I don’t know how to link to it…

(side note: If any of you guys use Instagram, someone at FB recently told me the stories are currently “The cheapest impressions you can get” - I think he means that they get seen by the most people, and are favored by the algorithm gods, etc)

I posted the Instagram version of the selfie reiterating the special offer and listing my Five Good Reasons to Join me on Patreon on both my personal and music pages.

Towards the end of the day, I remembered Twitter. I posted a version of the modified selfie (with new text covering the handwritten part) on my Twitter page. That post was very much based on some of the suggested text in the handbook, I wrote:

"I’m trying something new! Everyone who joins me on @Patreon for $5 or more by September 30th will receive a limited-edition “Be Nice Dammit!” enamel pin in the mail :heart_eyes:

Get on it at
http://patreon.com/rebeccaloebe "

And made that my pinned post.

I think that’s everywhere I posted it.
It feels like a lot, posting on every platform every day, but I try to remember that I’m not bombarding the same people in 4 places - some people love Insta but never use Twitter, some people live on Facebook but never log into the others, etc. And no one sees everything you post.

Good luck to you! I love your list, gonna go check out your page!


PS: Writing this all out gave me an idea – I’m going to post a version of The List today on Twitter as a thread… wish me luck! xo

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Ooh! I LOVE this! So succinct (not my strong point :joy:) and your podcast sounds amazing. Definitely going to subscribe!

Just wanted to thank you @rebecca for all the great ideas! I’m a musician too, and your enthusiasm is contagious!


love love LOVE all of these! thanks for sharing folks, lots of great inspiration here for others too.


Thanks Brian! I just looked at your profile page and I LOVE the “Can you afford to buy a beer or a fancy cup of coffee without worrying about your budget? If so, consider chipping in to bring more music into the world.” line!!! What a perfect way of saying that :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to diving into your music!


Thanks for checking out my page! I just launched my special offer - yay! :zap:

I’m excited and a bit overwhelmed. So much still to do, and so little time! Since it ends on Sunday, I imagine the final big push should be on Friday. I can’t imagine most people are active on email and social media on the weekend.


Hi Michael, I missed commenting earlier. I especially like your "Co-creation language emphasizing partnership. And your clear-eyed language about the value of supporting the arts is also unapologetic and inspiring!


Steve Eulberg

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Steve! Than you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it!