Tracking New Patron Conversions with Google Analytics

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to set up a GA graph to show how successful each “Patreon Promotion” is at converting new visitors to paying patrons.

This is really useful so I know what tactics are working and what are not.

First I set up a GA Goal to reach my thank you page.[yournumberhere]

Then I created a graph to track this vs users on the site.

The problem with this is that visitors who are already patrons are also tracked so I don’t get a accurate view of “non-patreon vs conversion” which is what I am aiming for.

Anyone got any ideas on how to improve this accuracy to get a real picture of traffic vs conversions or any better way to do this?

I highly recommend that you set up this tracking, if you haven’t already - it’s very effective way of figuring out how to tweak your Patreon promotions!


Hola kombilife.

Why do existing Patrons revisit your success page?

In general, after converting, they should not return to that page, and you should have no false positives in your report.

Right… unless an increased / decreased pledge also triggers the same URL - I’m not sure?!

Something is up with the graph though it’s not accurately tracking the conversion rate - it would be good if this sort of stuff was integrated within the Patreon dashboard.
Thanks for your reply

I’ve been wondering how to do this, I think I’ve got the similar thank you page set up going on but it’s not that clear. Has anyone had any luck with another way?