Tracking private messages on multiple social media?

Is anyone aware of a good tool to track private message on multiple social media platforms?

I’ll have potential followers asking me questions on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but since I’m not a social media person, I often forget to keep an eye on these, and I feel that answering people 2-3 days late is far from ideal. I’d like to find something that regroups all these in a single place, preferably a desktop or browser-based option.

Tweetdeck is a nice example that works for multiple Twitter accounts; I’m wondering if there’s something similar that could cover multiple platforms that I’m not aware of.



There isnt one that I’m aware of but you can setup phone apps or desktop browsers to send notifications if a new message comes in. Most socials have the option of sending an email notification if someone mentions you, so that is also an option.

Alternatively you can also setup some of those places with auto responses when someone DMs you and that automated message could tell them there will be a delay in response and where the better way to contact you is. That way you can funnel people over to where works the best for you.
(Though this wont help if someone mentions you in a post, only having the apps send a push notification or and email when you get a certain message type will really help tell you to look.)

Hopefully that helps somewhat.

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The only one I know of which really covers them all in the best way possible is Sprout Social, though sadly their pricing is WAY TOO HIGH!

If you find something, do let me know, I’m very curious :grin:


Keeping up with messages in hard enough on it’s own, but to juggle multiple platforms makes it a daunting task! I’ve personally used Sprout Social and Hootsuite in the past and think they’re both really great programs! But like @natemaingard said, they can get pretty pricey. I’ve heard good things about Buffer from friends but haven’t tried it out for myself.

But I found this article for you, @Doctacosa! I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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I’ve used Zoho Social in the past. I’m not sure if the price is comparable to Sprout Social but that’s a good one too.

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That’s a good plan. I think now that the world of social divides into things owned by Google, things owned by Facebook and things owned by Twitter, it’s really hard to merge them.

This one is currently available for a one-time purchase via AppSumo, though it has quite a mixed bag of reviews (so much so that I’m concerned the 5-taco reviews are all ‘fake’). But anyway, might be worth a look:

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