Translation of the whole content o the page (tier description + posts)

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I see that you recently made it possible to have different languages for the main sections of the page which is a good first step but the next step now would be to enable creators to translate their posts and tier description in an additional langage (in my case French as I have a lot of French customers).

Is this in the pipeline ?

Maybe a quick first step would be to propose an automotic google translatation that patrons could activate by clicking country flag icon button on the top right corner.

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@PrimeSourceMag cool idea! This makes a lot of sense for our global patrons. Will note this and pass along tp the team.

Cool to learn that there is now some multilingual support potentially! I also have Francophone patrons, but my page is entirely in English.

How do we access the ability to have different languages for the main section of our page? I’m not able to find it in Settings or under Page > Edit Page.

Hey @ankataa, anyone logged into Patreon can change their language preference in their profile settings. We have screenshots with easy directions you can follow in this help article:

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Thank you!

OK, so now I see what @PrimeSourceMag meant. So we/people can display the Patreon interface in multiple languages, but creators can’t yet have their own “copy” of posts, tiers, description, etc., in multiple languages. I thought that the latter was now available :slight_smile: