Trouble on acces

Hello support guys …
I don’t know where to ask this … so around here

I have a user who has access problems: despite being in a correct status (it has been charged correctly every month) when she tries to do it from a browser, this comes out:

and if she do it from the other brownser she have, and she is using usually, this happens

in both cases it seems as not supporting anyone … how is it possible if I have … this?

Please…Can you give me some idea of how I can guide this lady so that she can access the content she is paying for?


Hmm. Did she select a specific tier when she pledged? Might be that she pledged an amount but didn’t pick a reward tier. Can she see any content on the Patreon Android/iOS app?

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Hi @patdelavega, I have edited your post to remove the images as they contained personal information about the patron. Please do not share this kind of information in the forum.

I would recommend the patron writes into the Patreon support team and they’ll be able to help her get the access she needs. The patron can contact them here:

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HI Mindy, thanks for remove the Pics. sorry. I completely missed that I should blur any data …
Patron is non english speaker.All my patrons are spaniards (or spanish speakers)
Are you able to help her in spanish?
Thanks and have a nice day!!!

Yes. and she have not any trouble on logging before february 2020. She is my patron from july 2019…And this is the first time she have trouble…

No worries! and yes we have members of our team that speak Spanish so they’ll be able to help your patron in their native language. Please do encourage them to write in here as sadly we can’t provide any support for this issue via the community forum.