Trying to see new serveers make it

if you guys have a discord and made it big were you going slow how did you do or even have a small server but not going anywhere?

i run my server is discord its small just under 30 people but trying to see what yours guys thought are of getting the channel more known and out to the community more and be more interactive you know let me know some thoughts

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I noticed you made several threads on essentially this same topic. I think you need to figure out what I just bolded. What community? Who are you targeting? Who is your audience? Because it’s not the people of this forum.

I advise you to reach out to your current followers for interest, instead of grabbing random people from random places online. That’s a great way to potentially build up your membership with zero activity. What incentives do these people have to be active on a server with a community that they don’t know or may not even be interested in?

I tried that out in the past, opened my server to various people online. It was a disaster. I had to shut it down. I’ve seen the same on other servers way more massive than mine ever was. Loads of trolls, off-topic, people fighting. It’s a mess. A bunch of strangers in the same place, with zero connection or trust to each other, plus the anonymity that being online brings does not make a great mix.

30 people is a great start. If you’re having issues with getting people talking, adding more people isn’t going to help you. You need to help build connections between the people you already have. Least you get the issues I mentioned above. If you allow members to invite others, the more fun and engaging you make your server, the more likely they’ll want to share it with their friends. And as you yourself grow on other platforms, gain more of a following, that too can help your server grow.

Best of luck!

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thank you i have bin working with my server also im moxt opening up collecting ideas