Trying to Understand How Money Gets Calculated

So yesterday, I got three new patrons and one jumped up from $1 a month to $10. My total on Jan 31 was $922. (I do a per-month fee, not per-creation).

Today, it’s $897.

…this jumping up then down then up then down without any seeming relation to the people pledging or backing down happens a lot. What causes it?

Some of it is probably due to patrons’ payment methods being declined (they are often charged at the beginning of the month and if the payment doesn’t go through, they are listed as “declined” and it causes your total to drop). And then at different times in the month Patreon apparently tries again to collect payments; if some of the patrons that were previously listed as declined now have their payments go through, that will cause your total to go back up. I think it would be really helpful if Patreon would let us know more about this process, like when they try again to collect the payments.

I wonder, if the payment gets declined, does Patreon remove them from your list of patrons? I notice the number of patrons also bobbled, but no one decreased their pledge level.

They aren’t removed from the list of patrons that you would see if you look
under Patron Manager -> View all current patrons. There you can see which
ones are listed as “declined.” But they do remove the declined patrons from
the total that you see on the profile page, so the number of total patrons
goes down when the payments are declined, even if no one has dropped out.

most of it is probably patreons and remember while things arent exactly in realtime on patreon, sometimes there is lag and patreons make changes or when a payment is declined

Hi, all!

Just wanted to jump in here and let you know that one of my top priorities over the coming months will be bringing more of this information to you in an easily digestible manner right within Patreon. My goal is to cover everything from fees to declines, refunds to fraud so that your number is as transparent as possible. It’ll take us some time to cover it all, but I wanted to let you know we hear your and know this is high on my list.

I’d love to follow-up with some of you once we’ve got some designs and/or prototypes and get your feedback if you’re willing!

Happy Friday,


I’m actually pleased with patreon on many fronts, so it will be interesting to see new the designs. So far everything implemented has been extremely useful.

Absolutely, I’d love to see what you come up with. I ended up hiding my income number because I had worried fans asking me “What happened?? Your number went down by a lot! What’s wrong!” But I can still see it and I’m like ‘what’ most of the time too. :,

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