Tuesday Tips: A new tip each week to help you elevate your Patreon or learn about a focus area

Each Tuesday the team shares a tip or piece of advice to consider to help you along with your Patreon, or a piece of advice gathered from community conversations throughout the week.

If you have a tip of your own you’d like us to share in this series, let us know here!

Today’s tip, for Tuesday July 6th:

Declined patron payments happen. And while Patreon will always email your patrons to encourage them to update their payment information, it’s a great habit to message your patrons a reminder as well. Try a narrative focused around wanting to be sure they don’t miss out on the great new content you’re about to post. You can do this in posts on Patreon or on your social media around the 1st of every month, or in a regular cadence to make sure your patrons are seeing your work and not missing a beat in your creative journey.

For more information on what happens in the back end of Patreon when a patron’s payment declines, here’s more details: Why have my patrons' payments declined? – Patreon Help Center

Today’s Tip is for everyone out there that uses, or is considering using, audio post updates. :speaker: :sound: :loud_sound:

If you share audio files with your patrons directly on Patreon through making an Audio Post, you can directly upload the audio file at the top of the post. It’s important to note that the default setting for this feature is to allow your patrons to download the audio file in the post. If you want to disable the ability for downloads, so these files are stream-only, make sure to update your page settings. Here’s how: Share my audio files with patrons – Patreon Help Center