Turning off commenting

I’d like to be able to turn off comments on my Patreon page.

I have several reasons.

One is that I already have my own discussion forum somewhere else, and Patreon is diverting attention from my forum to the discussion area on my Patreon page. This interferes with my relationship to my patrons and other followers.

I’m using a forum elsewhere because, well, I had been building that discussion space for a decade before Patreon came along, and we’re not moving now. Also, it would be a big step down in functionality. Patreon’s discussion system is very underpowered. I’m not suggesting you fix that, because honestly I don’t think that’s a great use of your time or money. Why would Patreon want to host a lot of discussion and all the headache that comes with that?

And, honestly, I consider it dangerous. Some really scary things have happened to creators, and creators in forums with weak moderation tools are… attractive to sport trolls looking for easy victims. I’m a therapist with a background in the psychology of criminal offending and violence, and what I know about how things like fan stalkers emerge from an audience makes me very uneasy about how the Patreon commenting system works. I would be happy to discuss with someone at Patreon more about those concerns privately.

But really, personally, all I would need from Patreon to address all of my concerns entirely about this is a switch to turn comments off on my page. That would be great.


While I’m not in quite the same situation, being able to turn off commenting when I make or edit a post would be very helpful.

I leave up most of my posts and edit as needed. Usually it’s not a big deal, but I recently had a very excited Patron go and leave quite long comments on a ton of old posts and a lot of that content was out of date. I’m glad he was so happy, but it was a lot to get through and I think he would have been just as happy just commenting on recent posts.

I’d love to be able to turn comments off on my Archive and monthly folder posts because those comments can be misleading to others and I feel bad deleting them.

I could also turn comments off on posts once the month has ended so I don’t end up overwhelmed again.

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