Turning Off Lens Notifications (and more on Lens)

One of my patrons has been searching in vain for a way to turn off email notifications of new lens uploads and can’t find it. Is there one? She doesn’t want emails at all, and already has all those notifications off.

I am trying and having not much luck with Lens. One of my patrons asked what it was, and I explained, and finished, “I am pretty sure it’s supposed to appeal to the snapchat generation that likes ephemeral content.”

To which their response was: “I thought the snapchat market was “ephemeral conversation with your friends” not “disappearing content from someone you’re paying”.”

So… I’m not sure that metaphor is working. How are you pitching Lens to your patrons in a way that makes them care about it? Because I’m not having any luck selling this Great New Feature that they got instead of the ones they’ve been asking me for. :,

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