UAE & Declined Charges

I have a two followers in the UAE that are describing that their cards are being unexpectedly declined when trying to sign up to be a patron. Would there be any reason why this would happen? Or is it a coincidence?

hmmm, seems like it needs to be through ali pay or something.
there is still some areas that arent allow to pay off in outer countries, or are banned from there and vice versa.

like, EU taxes and other stuff that dont let you get payments in full from those parts. tho, a credit card should not be bad to pay with. hope it can be fixed soon too.

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Hi! Thanks for the question. I checked with the teams and we don’t block UAE. I’d encourage the patrons to write into our support team if they need further help.

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Thanks to each of you! Super useful! LOVE THIS COMMUNITY.


The credit card seemed to be the answer. :slight_smile: