Unable to change poll options and readers are unable to access Patreon-only posts on my website

Last night when I tried to create a poll, I wasn’t able to change the poll options. Clicking the checkboxes lead gave absolutely no response. I chose to post the poll anyway, figuring I could manually end it later.

This morning I woke up to several Patron complaints about not being able to use the poll at all. They can comment on it, but can’t select anything.

In addition, I woke up to other complaints from Patrons about not being able to access Patreon-only pages on my Web site. Clicking Allow just leads them into a circular loop without the ability to see the page.

This seems of a piece with this post here.

Something is very broken with the Patreon site.

Could we please get an update on when this will be fixed?

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Same here. Can’t even select which tiers are allowed to see a post. Something broke.

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It seems to be an intermittent problem. Some of my Patrons have been able to respond to the poll. And one was able tot eventually view the Patron-only pages on my site.

But clearly it’s not 100% fixed yet.

Chekboxes do not seem to work at all. Some radio buttons do. No response from Patreon as yet (and inferences from the automated email I received say 0900 PST (1700 UTC) on Monday before it’s looked at.

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thanks to notwhorosethinks for finding this, it seems that the square buttons -do- still work, but it’s like the bottom right most pixel that still registers.

I have been successfully been able to use the bottom right pixel to click these check boxes, as have others on the creator discord.

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Thanks for reaching out and reporting this. I sincerely apologize for the trouble and any confusion this issue may have caused.

We identified an issue that affected the ability to select checkboxes on parts of our website over the weekend. Our teams have since resolved the problem, so everything should be back to normal and working as they should. If you’re still experiencing any issues, please let me know and we can investigate further.

If you have any other questions that I can answer, I’m here to help.