Unable to Click "Charge For This Post"

Reporting on behalf of friends. They say these buttons don’t click. Have tried on multiple devices. And apparently there are some on Reddit reporting the same. And reporting that the “Early Access” buttons are not working. Something melting down behind the scenes?


Also cannot select or deselect tiers for a post!

Using Firefox.

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Folks on Reddit are posting about not being able to select tiers for posts.

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And it appears from my trouble ticket automated response (I filed it six hours ago), nobody will look at this until Monday morning 0900 PST. Have reported it on the Discord server as well, and no response from anyone from Patreon.

An FYI all, (thanks to notwhorosethinks for finding this) it seems that the square buttons -do- still work, but it’s like the bottom right most pixel that still registers. (Sounds like someone goofed on some code and the sizing of the reactive area borked.)

I have been successfully been able to use the bottom right pixel to click these check boxes, as have others on the creator discord.


Confirmed on the bottom right pixel use. Just tried it to select tiers and it worked.

It’s a workaround till a real fix.

lmfao god. thank you for this. i was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was happening.

Thanks. I had to check the upper left pixel. What a shit show!

Thanks for the tip, it works

That’s a great tip. Thanks!

Now… what if ALL the features we so desperately want are actually implemented but hidden in single pixel buttons around the screen? Hmmm…

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this @american.mcgee and folks. I sincerely apologize for the trouble and any confusion this issue may have caused.

We identified an issue that affected the ability to select checkboxes on parts of our website over the weekend. Our teams have since resolved the problem, so everything should be back to normal and working as they should.

If you’re still experiencing any issues, please let me know and we can investigate further. If you have any other questions that I can answer, I’m here to help.