Undiscovered page

Hello everyone,

When I started on deviantart I got my art featured for a couple days on the undiscovered page which helped me a lot getting people to my page. After that push I started growing and getting more people along.
Now my question is: is there a undiscovered page on patreon?
If not maybe it’s a good idea to help others, like myself, getting some patreons. Because I feel like the big creators overshadow the new little ones, or am I wrong here?


Hi @Blackarachnia58,

Up until a while ago you used to be able to suggest yourself to the featured list. You’d just email Patreon and ask. Even I was on there once, so it’s not just for successful creators. However, the current setup seems to be different. I agree, though, some sort of undiscovered page might be good.

I think a good number of us are hoping they will expand the explore page to allow for easier browsing of all creators, not just the big guys. Patreon is not easily browsed or searched, though they have clearly done some work to the search feature as it’s much improved. Right now it’s just a platform for supporting your art, but not as yet for promoting your art. You really need to use other social media and direct them to your Patreon page at this time. If you’re finding some good success on DA (wish I could say the same!), make sure you’re linking to your Patreon with every opportunity. On my DA, I have a link in my sig so it’s there for every comment and forum post. Also, every time I post a new art I link my Patreon in the description section as well. I make regular journal posts about what’s going on with my Patreon when I do a new promotion.

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