Undisplay Patrons Amount?

My list of Patrons is still low. The number is displayed for all the world to see. People have remarked that they assumed that I had more. How can I stop my profile from showing the amount of Patrons I have? It looks kinda lame on my part.

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At this time you can only select either to show patron count or earnings. Hiding both is something that folks have requested previously. This is something for us to share again with the product team!

There must be a work around to hide patron numbers, because here’s a creator doing it.

I am guessing he added some CSS to his About section somehow to set the total to Display:none. I’m not certain, though.

Thanks for this! I have reached out to him.

That was my best guess, too.

Welcome to the forum, @dougmotel! Thanks for making this post.

Firstly, everyone starts somewhere! Try not to worry about feeling lame. Whether you have 5 or 500 patrons, each one is a person who believes in you and what you’re making, which is wonderful thing. Every creator on Patreon is at a different stage of their creative journey :slight_smile:

Secondly, the feature @lisavollrath noticed is a very early experiment we’re running on one creator’s page. We run experiments all the time to improve Patreon, and most of them don’t end up as new features. We are being careful to observe any changes, positive or negative, that result from these experiments to ensure that when we do make an update, it benefits every creator on Patreon.

We’re glad you have let us know this is a feature you’re interested, and will make a note to contact you in the future if this ever does become a feature we offer.


Chiming back in here to say today we launched patron count visibility! A new feature that gives you the option to hide the patron count number at the top of your creator page. Similar to the existing earnings visibility feature, you can head to your page editor (https://www.patreon.com/edit/about) and choose whether or not your patron count is public or private on your page. We recommend keeping your patron count visible on your page because fans love to know that there are others like them supporting you. However, we’re giving you the option to control visibility so you can choose what’s best for your business as you know your community best!

Tagging in @lisavollrath @tamberlane @dougmotel who inquired about this :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Thank you, @mindy! Is there any data to show which way is better? I’ve decided to keep my # of patrons visible as I feel like people want to support someone who has others supporting them, but I am also concerned that people might see that I have 189 patrons and say “He has enough support already.”

Hey @johnoberg, I checked with @maura on our Data Science team and sadly we do not have any data we can share around this. This is because public patron count is opt in and any data we do have is heavily biased as higher earning creators tend to hide it, I’m guessing for the reasons and feeling you mentioned.

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Thank you for looking into it, @mindy and @maura! You both rule. I’ll keep my patron count visible for now and keep my eye out for any future data around this. Cheers!

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