'Unlisted' YouTube Video Post Not Available To Some Patrons


I have an annoying issue with one post. Some Patrons cannot access one video post in one tier. I can’t recreate the issue myself even with my test account on any device but apparently a pop up appears that says “This video is unavailable”.

I have 2 x tiers.
Tier 1 has many videos, all ‘Public’ on YouTube.
Tier 2 has all the videos in tier 1 plus 1 more video that’s ‘Unlisted’ on YouTube.
Some Patrons cannot view that video either via the app or on Windows pc
I have changed the tier level back and forth and re-saved it and re-copied the YouTube link to try and resolve it but it persists.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks

Actually, I’m hoping I may have just fixed this. The ‘Allow Embedding’ checkbox in the settings for this video on YouTube wasn’t checked so I’ve just ticked it. As I can’t recreate the problem I’ll have to wait for one of my Patrons to let me know if it’s resolved but fingers crossed… unless one of you clever lot tell me it won’t make a difference… lol

If that doesn’t work, check and see if there are any copyright notices on it. The video could be blocked in some countries.