Upcoming Features and Tests

Hey everyone!

I wanted to drop by and preview of some upcoming features and tests launching over the next month.

TL;DR Pinned Posts and a new “My Membership” tab for patrons are coming in early December. We’re also going to run some proof of concept tests that we believe will significantly improve the first moments of the new patron experience. If they are successful at increasing patron retention, we’ll continue to build upon them.

Features Coming Soon

Pinned Posts
Starting in early December, creators will be able to pin a post, placing it at the top of the Posts feed. It will be even easier for your newest patrons to understand what they get from your membership right away. No more struggling with painful workarounds to guide your new patrons to the right place.

My Membership Tab
Also in early December, your patrons will have a brand new tab when they view your creator page. We intend this tab to be the new home for all things benefits, including private RSS links, Discord Communities, and more.

Looking towards later in December, here are some features that will make it easier than ever for your patrons to find relevant content from your membership:

Post Title Search
Your patrons will be able to easily find a specific post based on the title.

Tiered Welcome Notes
Creators will be able to send a welcome note to their new patrons tailored exactly to their tier of membership.

Featured Tags above the Posts feed
Featured tags will move from the left column beside the Posts feed to directly above, so that your patrons will find all of the posts in a specific category.

Upcoming tests to help creators retain more patrons

As we discussed in Hang Time a couple weeks ago(23:30), our recent research with patrons has indicated that the first moments of membership are critically important to keeping patrons around for longer. In talking with creators, we have heard the stress that comes from losing patrons. We want to find ways to help creators make meaningful connections with their newest patrons starting from the first minute of their membership. We have high hopes these tests will have a positive impact the ability of creators to retain patrons, but remember these are just the first pass. Once we validate that these concepts are successful in helping creators keep more patrons, we will continue to tweak and build upon them.

Welcome Modal
Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be testing out a pop up modal that replaces the current “Thank You” page and appears over the Posts page immediately after a patron pledges.

Here’s a preview of how this will look in the wild:

Pinned and Popular Posts Module
Another test we have planned for early December will create space for your patrons to find relevant content more quickly on the Posts page. Hopefully this means less endless scrolling and frustration for your new patrons.

Check it out below:

Stay tuned for more updates from us as the results from our tests roll in and start thinking about which post you want to pin!



All of this looks awesome!!! I can’t wait to work with these new features. They’re all things I’ve wanted for so long!


Looking forward to it! thanks for your hard work.


Aw yeah, these look wonderful - can’t wait to try them out!


All of this looks fantastic! Looking forward to these updates :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping us in the know :wink:


My Memberships Tab: Liking the look of this membership page preview!

Post Title Search: HOLY HECK YES. I’m currently using discord to search my own posts because i cross post them there and it’s a royal pain but the -only- way i can that’s reliable!

Tiered Welcome Notes: This will make delivery of some automatic rewards and important welcome notes SO much easier! Thank you!

Featured Tags Above Post Feed: Hmmm. Not sure about this one. Will have to see it before really being able to say anything. I’m 100% okay with the featured tags being on the side, but since the page layout is in some serious limbo (launch pages)… if the goal is to expand to the sides and not have the weird open space the launch pages have had, then I’m willing to see. But if the empty space remains, just keep that stuff on the side and fill the space :confused:

Welcome Modal: Neat! Though hopefully it wont be something that can be accidentally clicked away from before reading it (because i didn’t know you could find these things in the memberships page for a looooooong time and i accidentally click away from important stuff when I’m on a mission >. > (I’d love to see perhaps when clicked away, a smaller popup that is only up for a short period that says “you can find this info again in your Memberships page” or something. I know one too many folks who’ve asked me how to find that stuff as well, as patrons of mine. Mobile browser (not app) is also very bad for accidental clicks.

Pinned and popular messages: YES YES YES. I’m so in need of the pinned message holy crow.


These are INCREDIBLE changes and updates! 3 cheers for the product team(s) who developed all of these (and the creator teams for dealing with all our complaining until now)


Oh, yes, thank you -so- much for pinned posts, and for the welcome notes by tier!

Oh, a question, though – will we be able to link to stuff from that welcome note, or the Membership tab? It’d be great if I can say “hi, welcome, and here’s a link to your exclusive PDF downloads” (of course, probably a little better worded! :laughing: ) Right now, there’s a lot of awkward hunting for my Patron-Exclusive pattern. :frowning:


Agreed! The welcome modal could even be its own page, I would prefer that instead of it being clicked away on accident, or a popup reminder like you said.

All of these new features are excellent, so excited! :ok_hand:


Searchable Titles = Happy Patrons

Thanks so much!!


Very excited about the tiered welcome notes. That’s a game-changer!


Oh, that’s cool! These are great features! Thank you!


Fantastic news!


They all look brilliant- thank you!


I love the Tiered Welcome notes! So helpful!


Hi nymla,

Really glad you are excited about these upcoming improvements. The My Membership tab will be a pervasive tab where the contents of the modal will be laid out, albeit in a slightly different order. There will also be a summary sent to email. We want to make sure your new patrons understand the benefits and the value they’ve unlocked by becoming your patron, so don’t worry if they click away from the modal for some reason.


Hey SarahDawn, thanks for the question. You’ll be able to link from the welcome note. Once Tiered Welcome Notes launch later this month, you can tailor those links/messages to the specific tier as well.



I don’t think I can express how great that is. It’s not totally relevant to my current system, but I know many creators who have to manually send things out and it is a huge hassle. Being able to just drop that in the tiered welcome messages is one of the biggest quality of life updates Patreon could possibly provide for creators, no hyperbole.


These sound like some great updates! I can’t wait to try them out. I think they’ll be incredibly useful. Thank you for developing these awesome things for us! :purple_heart:

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Wowza! Y’all are giving me super December vibes with all these PRESENTS!!! Super fab! Patreon rocks!

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