Updates coming to Patreon later this spring, no changes for current creators

Hello Patreon Creators!

Today we’re announcing new creator plans and letting you know about some changes coming in a May.

First things first! Nothing changes for you with this update. At all. We just wanted to tell you about this before we make changes for creators who sign up for Patreon in the future.

Going forward, we’re creating different plans with different sets of features for creators who join Patreon. This comes with new pricing and payment processing rates for future creators, including a new low rate for payments of $3 or less.

This change allows us to invest heavily in the features and services you want and need to run your business so we can make them world-class. Also, we can add advanced features like Team Accounts and our new Merch product for creators who really want them. And if you don’t want any new features, you don’t have to choose them!

To repeat, current creators on Patreon will see no change to the fees they pay or the features they have. You can read the full announcement and details here, and you should have gotten an email with this info too.

If, after reading the announcement and FAQs you still have questions, we are here to answer them. We’re hosting a series of special Hang Times just to talk about this announcement live (take a look and see if you can join any of the sessions), as well as answering any questions posted in this thread.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all those who have helped us get here with surveys, round tables, group calls, and much more! All your feedback and thoughts were invaluable to get us to where we are today. Thank you.


I am so excited to see how these new changes shape the community of patreon and how we are all able to create differently! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


this sucks big time, op

i would personally be extremely embarrassed to be asking for a nearly 20% cut for a service that at its core only needs to process payments once a month and can’t even do that correctly.


Not happy with the new payment fees.

Most Patreon pay currently about 5% payment fees. And most pledges are between $3 and $10.

The problem is the fixed 10/30 cent fees per payment which are now added. This makes it considerably more expensive than the old solution.

Yes, you say that nothing changes for old creators, but the reason why the old solution leaves more money for the creators is that the payment fees are shared.

The commonness, however, is that for Creator in the new tariff the shared fees no longer exist… and so it becomes more expensive in time also for old Creator.

I’m not really happy with that.

I think it would be better if the payment fees were just 5% fixed. So always 90% of the income is guaranteed to stay with the Creators (5% Payment Fees and 5% Patreon Fees).


Hi there, just so you know, you are currently paying a fixed fee with each transaction - but given that we aggregate payments, you may, depending on your patron base, being paying more or less per each transition. You can read more about payments processing here: https://blog.patreon.com/patreon-payments-a-guide and more on how we currently calculate fees: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/204606125-How-does-Patreon-calculate-fees-for-creators-

Unfortunately, payment fees don’t allow us to charge a flat percentage - all of them have a fixed fee + a percentage. We worked very hard with our payments processors to update these new fees for creators, particularly for smaller pledges.

On the FAQs from today we also included this:

Can founding creators switch to the new payment processing rates?

At launch we are only offering the new payment processing rates to future creators. In the future, we will work toward a solution that allows founding creators who will benefit from the new rates to adopt them.


I feel like the merch automation sounds great, but if it will be rolled out only with the Premium tier, it will create a choke point below that. I have just tried physical rewards and am seeing more growth than expected on my Patreon from that alone, but I will soon hit the limit of what I can fulfil without automation. In the current system I even have difficulty just getting shipping addresses from everyone. But I am nowhere near the income level intended for the Premium tier (I am at around $550/month). I don’t feel like I need any of the other features of the Premium tier like personalized support, team accounts, etc.

Not commenting on the new fee structure because I am confused by it tbh, but paying attention to the discussion!


The fee changes make a ton of sense; fees are generally fixed amount + 1.5% or 2.9% from basically all payment providers.

Have you considered making Patreon a Payment Services Provider and cutting out the middleman, or seeing if you can get interchange-tier pricing from, say, Stripe (which is usually along the lines of “you agree to pay the interchange on all cards and we only charge you 1%”)?

(disclaimer: my day job is working for a bank)


If you have questions, definitely pop into one of the livestreams: https://specialeditionhangtime.splashthat.com/, you can also ask specific questions there.

Looking at your page now – it’s cool that you’re doing the merch for a Special Offer – and I can see how shipping and fulfillment will be tough. Glad to hear that it also is helping to grow your page.

Our payments team has been growing and looking at all sorts of things we can do with payments beyond monthly processing. There are a lot of feature requests from creators from annual billing to being able to gift a month of membership. You can take a peek around this forum for some of those requests but I don’t have timelines on any of these at the moment.
I haven’t seen any requests from creators specifically about becoming a payment services provider but will share this with the payments team.


Hey Carla,

the current solution is better for me, because of the shared payment fee.

The new payment fee will reduce the money most creators get, because of the missing sharing aspect.

So I’m not looking into to get on the new payment fees… :frowning:


Being a PSP is probably such a huge business decision it’s been off the table all along, to be fair :sweat_smile:

The changes are for -future creators- only. Current creators and creators that launch their pages before the roll out in May, will have -no- change to how things run currently.


I’m really excited for this and i’m so thankful that you guys are making this an opt-in thing for current creators. Being grandfathered in to the current solutions are great (and yay discount) because we have time to really mull things over and figure out what works best for -us- and we aren’t strong armed into a big change that means a whole lot of extra work we’d have to do to make things clear to ourselves and our patrons.

I also super appreciate all the details you guys put up on the new page about this and the video from Jack. All those extra FAQ’s are super helpful and makes it really easy for creators to send a link to any concerned patrons or other creators. It’s a huge improvement from the “fee fiasco.”

I’m excited that you guys are opting to have a basic plan. I know tons of folks who always found patreon really overwhelming and thus never went through with making their own pages but with the basic tier, it will be so much simpler for them and opens up the platform to lots of others.

I want to see patreon grow and succeed and get that good core foundation of the platform working as smooth as it can so i’m all for this change and that you guys have taken care to get in touch with creators for feedback and really listen. (That reduced small pledge fee, i can imagine was a tough sell for your processing partners but you did it!!!)

Thank you for giving everyone lots of time to prepare for this! Time for creators to jump into the grandfathered rates if they so wish before it goes live and for those who may want the new plans, to know exactly whats happening so they can wait and get the plan the want and need.



I’m aware of this. But the future creators are no longer a part of the shared payment fees… so the old creators loose money.

And Carla sad the the old creators get the new payment fees at some point in the future (properly like we keep the 5% Patreon fee instead of 8% not forever, too).

I think this is just a clever move to calm down the old creators and introduce the expensive new fees via salami tactics.


its still wack as hell to ask more money from a service that barely works as is.


do we even have a working search bar yet


“In the future, we will work toward a solution that allows founding creators who will benefit from the new rates to adopt them.” Is what she said. As per the FAQ on the new page, it will be an opt-in., Not required.

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If its really in the future just an opt-in it’s a little bit better, but not much… because of the missing sharing aspects with helps a lot to keep the fees low. And if people switch to the new payment fee, the creators with the old payment fee will also see less money.

Sorry, but the new payment fees feels like a loose-loose situation for me.

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I don’t disagree that the platform has some really serious pitfalls currently. I’ve complained hard about many of them and am adamant about making sure that the things that are subpar (imo) are known. Everyone on this platform wants different things and different focuses and i honestly can’t blame them too much for perhaps running their teams a little thin and loosing some primary focus to try to make people happy. (Learning the hard way.) We can totally agree to disagree that I’m okay with this change and you are not. As with all the creators on this platform, one size doesn’t fit all but I think this change will help them make the most people happy in the end and that is something i really want to see! Perhaps i’m just biased XD But i’m happy to agree to dissagree and continue to have good constructive conversations that give patreon feedback. It’s good for them to hear regardless, good and bad, to help them make the best of their future (and ours.)