Updates to your Patreon homepage

Hello! We’re kicking off another set of experiments to help creators take more action and gather insights when logged in. One of the things we know from talking to thousands of creators is that understanding what steps to take next isn’t always easy or clear - especially when it comes to your patrons and their benefits. We also know that patrons stick around for longer when they’re getting regular posts, messages and comments from you.

For this initial version we’ll provide 50% of creators with a series of info cards, updated on a weekly basis, giving you handy updates and useful next steps on things like:

We’ll run this test for one week beginning today. If the test is successful and patrons are sticking around, we’ll continue to add more insights and updates; eventually turning this into a hub of information and opportunities and roll it out to all creators.

As this is an experiment, not all of you will see this change, but as we gather data on it’s effectiveness, we’ll keep everyone in the loop. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Looking interesting. Unsure if I’d prefer this versus just a chronological update list BUT If it’s possible to (dont know if you are just doing it randomly) but I’d love to help test if I’m able. Figured I’d offer :slight_smile:


I really like the “message new patrons” feature and basically any way you can enable us to make reaching out and performing those best practices often mentioned all from the Patreon creator home page, the better we’ll all be!

Example, Bonjoro is fantastic on paper, but I am so busy with everything I have to do to run my creative business, I can’t just stop and learn a thing and produce the thing. But a handy “message these new patrons” button? That is simple, doable, and a click away.

The more that Patreon actually builds its own tools for us to use like this, the better. Integrations are awesome, and shout out to those who work them effectively, but for someone like me it just seems out of reach when I’m already dealing with so much.


Reaching out to new patrons in new (or varied ways) is always welcome. Looking forward to see where this goes (and maybe even trying it out!)


The best part of this update is that it shows the # of patrons I have and my monthly amount right on my home page, so I don’t have to go looking for it. Otherwise, this update tells me WAY LESS than it did before about what content my patrons are interacting with.

I can no longer see likes, which helps me know which posts are popular. I can also no longer see what comments are. It feels like this is just way more work for me to see what my patrons are saying. Instead of having it all in one place, I have to open each post in a new tab and read the separately? It’s also no longer chronological. Even tho the previous home page wasn’t really chronological either, this is a step in the wrong direction. Additionally, I like to be able to actually see the names of the patrons when they pledge. Sometimes it’s a patron re-pledging or a friend so I’d like to be able to personalize a response if I want to. This home page really doesn’t work for me. It just feels way less effective at displaying notifications.

Additionally, the info cards at the bottom are a useless waste of space to someone who’s been on this platform for years already. It’d be nice to be able to close them out and replace it with relevant info. Maybe actual news & updates? For example, this exact testing? Creators have to come here to see updates and changes to the platform they use as a lively hood instead of seeing it all neat and combined into one place.