Updates to your patron count display numbers

404 patrons going to 317. Every update since this change has been terrible, I truly cannot understand why this has been done. Milestones are useless, can’t enjoy any big round numbers anymore because they are not real.


I guess I assume what for this was done and I can’t say it’s for creators… Sadly.


So can these “canceled patrons” still read your content until the end of the month since they are still included in the count? I also base my goals on the number of patrons so I don’t know how I should approach it.

Yes. A Patron’s access expires at the end of the month, For active patrons, there is a three-day grace period for retries. It’s best practice (IMHO) to not post new content until the 5th.

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How about, refunded patrons?? They pledge to you on this day and then suddenly deleted the same day and you refended them. Would they still see your content??

They still have access, per Patreon’s page on refunds:

Important note : Refunding the current month’s payment will not revoke a patron’s access to your patron-only posts.

Ref: How do I refund my patron?

This is why I have ‘Pay Up Front’ and never, ever refund pledges. I point people to this specific line in the policy and tell them to take it up with Patreon.


Oh my gosh. Now I understand. Thank you so much for then information.