Updating the Polls System to 2020 Standards

The polls system on Patreon is one of the best offered on posts due to the simplicity and built in security.

However, the two features listed below would make Patreon’s poll system definitively the best.

  1. Blind vote count - If Patrons can see the count/percentage of votes an option has, it influences the result in a negative fashion.
  2. Weighted vote count - Giving the option to vote for single/multiple choices alone isn’t sufficient. Having the option to pick 1st/2nd/3rd choices with a value we choose would be a game changer.

The first feature alone would make plenty of Patreon accounts ecstatic, many of whom have resorted to elaborate and finicky website integration that frequently bugs out due to the monthly cycle of pledges.

PLEASE Patreon, take the necessary steps to at least bring the first listed feature to polls ASAP.

Thank you and best regards,

Semblance of Sanity


I definitelly like this ideas, especially the blind vote count. But the results must become visible after the poll ends.


@Semblance_of_Sanity thanks for sharing, we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback! I’ll be sure to make note of this and share with the team :slight_smile:


Great ideas. I’ve come to realize that polls are a much appreciated part for my Patreons. Having a few more options when setting it up could open up for more creative participatory ideas.


Both good ideas I think, visible results combined with the lack of ranked voting makes it hard to do polls with more than 2 or 3 options. It’s hard to vote for what you want, most people vote for what they think will win instead.


Ooh great idea! I actually have a question about polls too. Did my first one yesterday and I accidentally put in a vote myself… Any way I can remove it? I know I can just not count my vote after it’s all done, but I’d like to remove it so it doesn’t influence the poll.

@newleafdesigns yay for doing your first poll! To undo your vote, simply uncheck the option you selected. That should remove it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! I chose the “only one response per person” option so it’s a circle rather than a checkbox, I can’t seem to undo it.

Absolutely, that’s a given for almost all accounts.

I’ve had the same experience as well Michel. Polls are the bread and butter of my Patreon’s rewards structure.

Exactly! ^^THIS^^!

Once a poll has more than a couple options, the psychology of the patrons voting shifts dramatically.


Thank you for passing this along @reyna!

I can tell you with the certainty of the sun’s rising and setting, that there are a vast and numerous number Patreon Creators who would celebrate with joy and dancing if this feature was added!

Best regards to you and the entire Patreon staff!

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I’d like to request the blind vote count (until the poll ends) as well. It’s the only thing stopping me from using the built in poll system and making me use Google Docs instead.


Hi @baphometbimbo, welcome to the Patreon Community forum! I hear ya and have shared this feedback with the team. I’ll keep you all updated if changes are implemented. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

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