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I’m part of a creative team that starting using Patreon several years ago when we only had a single production to reference. When we set up out Patreon, we used the name for our production, not our future production team. For example, let’s say the production was called XYZ, so, we set up a Patreon URL ending in .com/XYZ.

But, over the years, we have grown significantly. We want to update our URL to reflect our production team, not just our earliest production. We are worried about trying to switch URLs, as we would lose the connection to people with older printed business cards, those who listened to older podcasts, or those who read older articles, as these would still say we are at the old XYZ Patreon URL, and not the newer Production Company URL.

Is there a way to set up the current URL to redirect to a newer URL, more appropriate to the larger scale of our works? I know it is possible to update the URL, I’m more worried about the ability to redirect traffic without having to swoop in and snatch up another Patreon page to make it work.

Thank you, and let’s talk,
K. A. Statz

Looking for help on a fairly simple request. I started off as https://patreon.com/LibertyPodcast and have been using this extension for years. My brand (and team) has since expanded, and instead of making multiple pages, we give Patrons the benefits of all the productions my team and I create. We have a production company now, and are no longer just a single show, and instead of simply covering costs, this is a significant part of my team’s income. However, we’ve been using the /LibertyPodcast extension for years and don’t want $10,000’s of dollars of printed materials, in addition to interviews, articles, and thousands of stickers/business cards with that extension to suddenly be invalid. Is there any way that we could get a redirect on the old extension toward a new extension (/FoolandScholar)? At this point it’s actually hurting our brand because the bulk of our membership don’t listen to (or care about) the Liberty podcast and are with us for other shows.



Hi there, thanks for making the post. Congratulations on the growth! this is one of those problems that I kinda like hearing about as it means your succeeding :slight_smile: I checked and being able to redirect a URL isn’t something creators can do at the moment as it requires changes on our backend. I’ve made a note of it as product request that comes with creator growth, with things like multi account management. You can change your URL by following these steps.

I’m finding myself also considering the risk of a URL change. One way I thought, in the absence of built in Patreon redirects, is to set up a second Patreon account with my old URL, and use that as a page to redirect visitors to the new page.

I understand that I can’t have multiple URLs on one account, so would have to set up a second account with a second email. I would also keep the original account to make payments to the creators I support myself.

Has anyone tried anything similar, with or without success?

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