Uploaded Images Resized to Smaller Size and Then Displayed Bigger and Fuzzy

Dear Patreon programmers, dear creators,

Here is the problem:

  1. I upload an image 816 x 1056
  2. The uploaded image gets resized 620 x 802 in the preview, when I create a post.
  3. The published post then displays the image stretched up to 814 x 1053, very fuzzy.

Why the image gets downsized while being uploaded only to be stretched later?
How can I avoid that?

Hey @Eugenia_Vlasova, thanks for reaching out!

We optimize your images for the web and for different devices, so we recommend sizing your post images to 1500px by 900px.

If you want patrons to have access a high resolution file of your images, we recommend uploading your images as an attachment to your posts, especially if you are adding images inline to text posts. Please note that your attachment files must be 512 MB or less.

We have a few other tips & tricks in this help article:

Hope this helps!

Dear Reyna,

Thank you for your prompt response.
The problem is that whatever size I upload, the system first rescale it to smaller size and then stretches when displaying the post, until a user click on the image.

I wonder why rescaling and then stretching? that doesn’t look logical for me.

@Eugenia_Vlasova thanks for clarifying! I believe if your image is larger than 512 MB, we shrink it down to fit, then we optimize your photo for web and different devices, which may cause it to stretch.

No, this is not the case. None of my images was larger than 2 MB. Probably, the developers of the image uploading system could shed some light on the issue (probably, they are not aware of the issue yet).

I will share your feedback with them and let you know if we find a bug. Thanks :slight_smile: