US Tax forms 2017?

When will we be getting our 1080 forms? It’s already nearing the end of February and I’d like to get my taxes done.

@jbernal These were already mailed out. We did have some returns. Let me see who is the best person to follow up with internally on this one.

I never got mine either, but I’ve already filed.

Always double check that your w-9 is up to date here. We base on that :slight_smile:

Do I need to fill it out every year? Nothing has changed for me.

Also, it was great to meet you in Austin!

Nope! If it’s under a certain dollar amount (which escapes me at the moment), you should receive an email. Over a certain dollar amount they also mail a 1099.

It was great to meet you too! Still getting back on track here :slight_smile:

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