Using Patreon Polls to attract new patrons?

Hey everyone! I had just started up a new poll on my Patreon account where I let people vote for the movie that they want me to review for my “Reviews 2.0” series. I wanted to make this poll public for anyone to vote because I feel that if I can get my non-patrons to participate in this poll, then they might be more inclined to become a patron of my account.

My question is since this poll is public, how do I go about promoting it on YouTube and my other social media without sounding like that the non-patrons have to join Patreon to vote? Because from my understanding, you have to have a Patreon account to vote on any polls that’s featured on Patreon. So, if I have any viewers who do not have Patreon accounts, how do I get them interested in checking out my polls?

And here’s my poll:

I’m not able to answer all the questions you pose, but I use public polls quarterly for content voting. I finished the Spring Public Poll in May and set a two-year scheduled of content. I’m really pleased with the long-term view I was able to get from the poll.

I have a public poll upcoming in September that has been drafted to shape a one-year round of content, but it might end up large enough to be a two-year schedule.

Each quarterly public poll is a vote for different content (winter: sample cards, spring: topical posts summer: sample folios, autumn: stretch goals). I mention this; because you have several genres of review, so you could break up the type of review into quarterly or monthly polls, with enough choices to prioritize based on votes, and set a longer period of content and shape a schedule for upcoming months. I do not know how your responses accumulate, but you can certainly judge whether it helps or hurts your audience attention and engagement to have frequent polls.

I feel it helps me show my audience there is a commitment to long-term goals and ongoing content creation. I think they can see the votes become prioritized efforts to create content with highest votes. In more than one poll result, I’ve been able to say, “I wanted to do this, but your votes indicated you want this.” So, although in a few cases I’ve put off my own creative content and focused on the audience votes, I’m always doing something I put on the poll. I put the options on the polls, so it’s always something I have a brainstorm ahead of putting it on the poll listings.

Fair notice, I did not vote in your poll. It doesn’t appeal. But, I am going to watch your review of Fire & Ice. I like that movie.


So like, have the polls set up like different themes such as say one poll will be for “Tim Burton movies,” another poll will be for “underrated cartoons” and so on and so forth?

Yes, like that. Use a category of reviews you want to do, list the choices and allow votes to multiple; then use the highest votes to determine.

So Tim Burton movies, underrated cartoons, video games, throwback rom-coms, period pieces…

And, you could use it for upcoming 3 months, 6 months, etc.

I use my polls for 12 months, and just happened to get such a good response in May that I set a 2 year schedule. But the poll in September is probably only going to create a 12 month schedule for content. It might come out differently, but whatevs.


I just posted up my August monthly movie poll! It’s here if you want to vote:

Also, I wanted to give out an update on how my July monthly movie vote went. It was actually pretty successful! I managed to get up to 8 votes for the last voting and I think that this strategy is working out for my account. Now, I haven’t gotten any new patrons yet, but I think that if I keep this monthly poll thing up, I might get more patrons in the near future!

I just posted up my August and September monthly movie vote poll here:

Unfortunately, my August monthly movie poll wasn’t as successful as my July monthly movie poll was. I don’t know if it was from lack of advertising or the interest wasn’t there in August, but I’m hoping that this voting poll goes as well as July’s monthly movie poll.