Video + audio together


I’m broadcasting podcasts with video. Video-podcast? :slight_smile: Some people prefer just audio version but for other people video is interesting. But how can I do that on Patreon?

  1. Multiple posts. I publish audio type post first (for the audio player and personal audio feed) and then post video type post with embedded YouTube link. But in that case, I’m duplicating content, sending two email notification, etc.

  2. I publish audio type post only and include a link to the video in the description. This is how I do it now. But many people overlook the link. And they seem to be a little confused. “Is there only the audio version? You have promised the video too! Where is it?” I am explaining it a lot in personal communication.

I have found that when I upload an audio attachment to video type post, it doesn’t appear in the personal audio feed. So this is not the solution.

Is there any workaround for that? Does anyone have this kind of issue?

Hey @stanislav.hruska, thanks for joining our forum!

When creating a new post, Patreon onlys allow one embed player at a time (audio or video), and there is no workaround for that.

However, that being said, you can attach a file to any post type! Check out this article here, and scroll down to “Attaching an audio file to any post type”. That will walk you through how you can attach an audio files to a video post.

Hope this is helpful!